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208pcs Drawing Set

TK 1,200  TK 2,300


Students 208pcs Drawing Set Watercolor Pens & Oil Pastels & Colored Pencils Tool Children's Art Painting Christmas Birthday Gift

Various brushes to draw childhood | Colored pencils | The pen nib is neat, easy to draw, easy to color | Crayons | High toner content, easy to color, smooth strokes | Watercolor pens | Fiber tip, smooth ink, easy to wash | Solid watercolor powder | Ready to use when dipped in water, saturated and beautiful, strong coloring power | Oil pastels | The brush strokes are delicate and can be colored with one swipe, the color is bright and the covering power is strong | Auxiliary tools, good helper for painting | Glue/Pencil sharpener/Ruler/Brush/Pencil/Picture clip/Eraser/Palette/Sponge/Drawing board

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